FO.R.E.ST encourages a diverse community of Conspirators, valuing multiplicity in perspectives and experiences. We invite Conspirators of any age, occupation, background, depth in knowledge or engagement with fields in focus.

Each season will be joined by Complotters and Co-conspirators.

Complotters will be practitioners, scholars, activists who are engaged with previous and/or ongoing situations of collective knowledge production in MASSIA and other contexts. They will conspire with FO.R.E.ST for 1-3 weeks, and co-cultivate a space for self-organised collective study and experimentation.

Co-conspirators will be coming for 3-6 days each, to spend focused time with FO.R.E.ST and accompany deep dives into particular topics. Co-conspirators will be practitioners, scholars, activists who hold in depth knowledge in a particular field and/or intersections of knowledges relevant to FO.R.E.ST.

Complotter for summer season 2022 is Nat Skoczylas who will join us for the first 10 days. Nat (she/them, Poland 1987) is an artist, activist and researcher living in Berlin. They work and live collectively, exercising some of the utopian ideas coming from anarchy, feminism, ecologies, speculative fiction and their own lived experience in a post-socialist, poverty-ridden part of Poland where she grew up. Their practices span community building, organising, writing, game design, performative actions with hydrofeminism, as well as fermentation and food as tools for storytelling and social transformation.

“I’m interested in anarchy as a principle for organising society as an alternative to what the state and contemporary “democratic” systems can offer. I see it as a utopian ideal, a goal towards which societies can be striving, a vision based not on dictating a certain mode of being and organising, but on creating space for diversity and richness of experiences. Some of the most interesting anarchist thinkers and branches of anarchism took their lessons from ecological and naturalist observations, even magick and mysticism, making the case for different values and modes of being on this planet. These ideas are rooted in the knowledge of the land one inhabits, and see symbiosis, cooperation and mutual aid as dominant modes of being together in the natural world.”

Co-Conspirators for the summer season will be local forest ecologists and mycologists who will accompany us to the nearby forests and share their intimate knowledge with us.