FO.R.E.ST will constellate three times a year in seasons of 6 weeks.

1st season: 6th March – 17th April, 6 weeks
2nd season: 1st July – 12th August, 6 weeks
3rd season: 10th October – 21 November, 6 weeks
And continuing this rhythm going forward.

The seasons of FO.R.E.ST dynamically inform one another. They aim to respond to the Conspirators’ desires that emerge from collective study and practice.

FO.R.E.ST discourages one-off participation and invokes a learning community that grows over time, beyond formats like workshops and summer schools.

FO.R.E.ST is carried by the wish to increase its self-organisational aspect. The more people conspire with FO.R.E.ST over time, the more it creates the possibility to, both, reduce the cost, and to curate study and practice that is most relevant to Conspirators.

We acknowledge that the envisioned format excludes many who are embedded in relations and structures that don’t allow for spending 6 weeks at a time in MASSIA. We will learn over time if FO.R.E.ST can find ways to become more accessible.


FO.R.E.ST is a self-organised initiative. It is not connected to any institution and does not receive subsidies.

As such, a fee of 125 euro per week per Conspirator will be able to cover accommodation, provide for the presence of Co-conspirators, and Complotters, and for the running of the building.

On signing up for a season, we will ask you to pay the fee for 4 weeks at the time of registration. Should you cancel your participation, this sum can cover expenses for Co-conspirators and Complotters.


Efforts to source funding are in process. If you need support in accessing funding for your individual conspiracy, please be in touch. Likewise, if you have ideas or opportunities to support FO.R.E.ST’s pursuit of funding, we would love to hear from you.


MASSIA offers 15 single/double/triple bedrooms. Depending on the spatial needs determined by the number of residents, sometimes bedrooms will need to be shared. MASSIA will be continuing to be open for residents. To make it possible for many, we ask you for flexibility and openness to shifting room occupation, if necessary. This will be negotiated among Conspirators and MASSIA residents and take everyone’s needs into account.

You can make yourself familiar with the particularities of the space and facilities on For a visual impression, have a look here.


As FO.R.E.ST seasons will hold intensity in terms of sharing time and space, we want to be extra attuned to the varying needs and capacities Co-/Conspirators + Complotters bring to the space. We want to avoid assuming ableist, classist, agist, racist, cis heterosexist normativity and bring anti-oppressive analysis into the way we live and learn together. We will regularly make space to discuss and negotiate this collectively.

FO.R.E.ST and MASSIA try not to exclude, instead want to encourage all sorts of differences in resources, capacities, interests, backgrounds and knowledge. To avoid policing and hierarchical structures, FO.R.E.ST and MASSIA try to create safety and care from within – this is an ongoing practice to be carried by all – and is guided by four principles

– Don’t leave traces
Clean behind you in order to leave every square centimeter, that is not your private room, all the time available for everybody when you are not using it. Traces are unwanted or uninvited marks (material or immaterial) left in the space or in others.

– Make it possible for others
Think of this as an opportunity to open up space(s) by showing a rehearsal or a movie, giving a lecture, starting a discussion, cleaning a corridor, or helping somebody.

– The do-er decides
But not alone! Things are decided by the ones who do, more than the ones who talk. However, the opportunity to do is not without limits and action should be taken in consultation with others.

– Mind asymmetries
MASSIA is made of asymmetries. People come from different places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries.  

Think those principles as interrelated.

MASSIA aspires to be a space where intersectional, anti-racist, and feminist analysis inform practice. Sexism, racism, classism, LGBTQ+phobia, ableism, ageism and any other form of discrimination or aggression are not tolerated. MASSIA fosters a practice of collective accountability and considers it everybody’s responsibility. 


FO.R.E.ST and MASSIA are self-organised initiatives (no subsidies), we can’t meet all needs – but we want to try meeting as many as possible, together. Please get in touch to discuss access needs and possibilities.

The building unfortunately disables people using wheelchairs – there are stairs to enter the building and the common spaces and kitchens are located on the upper floor (2 flights of stairs in a building with high ceilings).


Co-/Conspirators and Complotters are required to take a test before their arrival. The village of Massiaru is relatively isolated, populated only by few humans.


If you would like to conspire, please write us an email and tell us ourself, what resonates with you, what you would bring to the situation, and whatever else you feel relevant to share.

We will organise video calls with people who signal their interest, during which we can give more context and get a sense for one another.


Will I get a degree or certification?

FO.R.E.ST is not affiliated with any institution, is not (yet) accredited, doesn’t issue certifications, nor assesses conspirators’ ‘performance’. We assume that participants of FO.R.E.ST motorise their own drive for knowledge production.

Do I have to sign up for 3 or multiple seasons or can I come for 1 season only?

As stated above, FO.R.E.ST discourages from one-off participation.

However, life is contingent, plans and schedules change – for whatever reasons, it’s possible that you might not be able or wanting to conspire for more than 1 season – and, of course, you won’t have to.

Please get in touch if you have questions.