Call for conspiracy for summer season 2022

After a first constellation of FO.R.E.ST this spring, we are slowly initiating the summer season, looking forward to continuing the work started, and to integrate things we have learned from an ongoing experiment in collective un/learning.

For the summer season we’d like to propose starting with community-building practices with an emphasis on access, and collective engagement with texts that elaborate on more-than-human relationality in anarchist and non-Western philosophies – continuing one thread from the previous season.

Part of the continuing experiment is to find structures that guide how we move through time together. During the first 2 weeks, we want to emulate a soft monastery rhythm – free from religious ideas, and intended to create rituals which lend a structure to collective life, study and care. We want to explore how this altered form of co-existence, will affect our engagement with the matter we will be engaging with. This rhythm will be an initial experiment and we will collectively decide whether to keep it or move on in different ways.

The proposed thematic field is an invitation, meant to guide us into collective practice; yet, the commitment of FO.R.E.ST is to be fully responsive to the ideas and desires that Conspirators bring into the constellation, and to follow emergent directions. Conspirators are invited to bring their respective practices, inquiries, and invitations into the collective situation.

This season’s Complotter is Nat Skoczylas who will join us for the first 10 days. Nat (she/them, Poland 1987) is an artist, activist and researcher living in Berlin. They work and live collectively, exercising some of the utopian ideas coming from anarchy, feminism, ecologies, speculative fiction and their own lived experience in a post-socialist, poverty-ridden part of Poland where she grew up. Their practices span community building, organising, writing, game design, performative actions with hydrofeminism, as well as fermentation and food as tools for storytelling and social transformation.

“I’m interested in anarchy as a principle for organising society as an alternative to what the state and contemporary “democratic” systems can offer. I see it as a utopian ideal, a goal towards which societies can be striving, a vision based not on dictating a certain mode of being and organising, but on creating space for diversity and richness of experiences. Some of the most interesting anarchist thinkers and branches of anarchism took their lessons from ecological and naturalist observations, even magick and mysticism, making the case for different values and modes of being on this planet. These ideas are rooted in the knowledge of the land one inhabits, and see symbiosis, cooperation and mutual aid as dominant modes of being together in the natural world.”

Co-Conspirators for the summer season will be local forest ecologists and mycologists who will accompany us to the nearby forests and share their knowledge with us.

For summer 2022 we are looking for 8 participants. The call is both for the summer season as well as upcoming seasons in autumn and next year.

Who should get in touch?
Anybody interested in expanded and critical understandings of ecology and transformative pedagogies, and who would like to co-cultivate a long-term collective learning situation. We would like to compose a group of diverse and complimentary practices, where our knowledges blend and hybridise with each other.

2nd season: 6th July – 10th August 2022, 2022, 5 weeks
3rd season: 1st October – 5th November 2022, 5 weeks
4th season: 1st April – 13th May 2023, 6 weeks
And continuing this rhythm going forward.

It is not required to take part in all seasons.
Participants who find FO.R.E.ST useful, are invited for ongoing conspiracy for multiple seasons, and if desired and able to, also to participate in the self-organisation.

MASSIA residency, Estonia (

125 euro/week (625 euro/5 weeks), covering accommodation and presence of Co-conspirators and Complotters, excluding food (ca. 35 euro/week)

How to conspire?
Please write an email to and share about yourself, what resonates with you, what you would bring to the situation, and whatever else you feel relevant to share. We will organise video calls with people who signal their interest, during which time we can provide more context and get a sense for one another.

Please register your interest by latest 15th June 2022